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It's a sad day, when making love with a sheep is illegal   
03:22pm 23/02/2006
mood: depressed
http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060214/NEWS01/602140319/1002 He makes a good point!

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Cornerstone '06   
03:28pm 02/01/2006
mood: drained
Well Cornerstone is going to start naming bands on Christmas. So soon the question will be answered: Can the COrnerstone '06 lineup suck more balls than the '05 line-up??? STAY TUNED

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Guess what.   
11:55pm 01/01/2006
mood: bouncy

This is what I Must do to become irresitable to womanCollapse )


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"Paid for by Kilpatrick for Mayor"   
02:04am 25/12/2005
mood: yup

Well the parade was pretty fun.   There were no floats, and I couldnt see Ryan Cabrera.  Probably pissed off a handful of people. 


In the Meadow we can build a snowmanCollapse )


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HOLY CRAP!!!!   
08:03pm 07/12/2005
  Hanson promotes independent music at OU

Hanson, the three brothers who hit superstardom with their 1997 hit “MMMBop,” will be at Oakland University on Wednesday, Nov. 9, to promote independent music with an interview on WXOU, a free performance in the Pioneer Food Court and a showing of their documentary, “Strong Enough to Break.” The group has broken from their record label and formed their own, 3CG Records, which they are touring the country promoting.

Dear Jason, I am skipping work, I cant miss this!!!!!

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Let the Vegan-off begin!!!   
07:44pm 07/12/2005
mood: it looks delicious
Yeah, So I challenged A.J. to a Vegan off. Nick joined in too. Person to go the longest as a vegan wins.

This is gonna suck sooo much!

May the biggest pussy win!

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MSU sucks   
12:45am 04/12/2005
mood: creative
I hate MSU, that establishment is probably the worst place to have a concert............... they should be more like CREVERAND OHRIO!!!

I also went to western and risked my life and life of everyone else's thanks to tom. other than that it was fun.

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Guess What!!!!   
10:43pm 16/11/2005
mood: cold
I had a nocturnal emmision

that is all.........

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We need to go wagoning again...   
11:41pm 04/11/2005
mood: poo

I think i've grown a bigger pair and can go down the hill on the wagon without being such a noob.

I've been really busy lately and.......FREE MOUSTACHE RIDES!!!!!!!!Collapse )


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Whoever is Jack Knipp, is gonna be nut taped.   
01:56am 02/11/2005
mood: complacent
The legend of Craig's Pants ripping lives on!!!

Yeah,so i was walking out of a delivery at the rec. center, and i tripped down the stairs. Luckily i was able to catch myself......................unluckily I practically did the splits and ripped my pants in the crotchal region, causing my genitalia to pop out randomly. The funny thing was I still had 2 deliveries still to do, only now I had to worry about my balls popping out as i was in the middle of the transactions. Pretty much on both deliveries I wobbled my way up to the door with one hand on my crotch, and one hand carrying the pizza. It looked ridiculous, and it was awesome!

ok that is all.

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"Mommy, whats that big black thing hanging out of that guys car wondow"   
12:19am 19/10/2005
mood: I hate writing papers

The Concert last night was incredible, and Ypsilanti doesn't have very many public Fax Machines.

Reggie was awesome, Although I really think they need to headline a tour so they can play more than a half an hour.  Alkaline Trio was orgasmic and made me think about forfeiting the contest about 3 times.  And My Chemical Romance would be better if they gave some of their time to Reggie.

And of Course Jonathan and his huge double-side dildo was quite entertaining.  Watching him stand in line doing Jumping jacks with a dildo that hangs down to his knees flopping all over the place was quite hilarious... almost as funny as watching him being cheered on by a thousand people as he mocked something that is illegal in some states.

Yummy!Collapse )


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Let the "No Jerk-off" Off begin.   
10:09pm 14/10/2005
mood: DECK!!!
Keith will not win and that is final, no one is going to take my crown, i dont care how many boxer or sheets i have to throw out, I WILL WIN. I think that Tom will be the first to loose.... I think my only true competition is Jenny.

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Josh's House = McMinor Central   
12:47am 04/10/2005
mood: confused
School started. i saw aaron and sean buono and i got a massive erection that was suddenly flacified by my horrible classes.

well thats all for my boring life... but i still love it.

Oh yeah: A.j. is a maxwell Frado!

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School is gonna suck   
11:44pm 26/09/2005
mood: devious
Yeah so I dont really like talking to cops and answering questions while I have a U-haul with people in it that don't know there is a cop outside.

I do not no how on Earth we got away with that one last night.

Today: Went to cedar point, no one was there so we ate some delicious pizza and came home.


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Andrew Damnit! this sucks!   
08:54pm 21/09/2005
mood: curious
Ok since I completely suck at choosing a major I am going to have an open suggestion box/ livejournal entry. You post what I should do for the rest of my life, cause i sure cant find out!

311 was freakin sweet too!

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Do you want another sandwich?   
05:33pm 13/09/2005
mood: hyper
I've had a busy past couple of days. On wednesday I went to Cedar Point with Der Keith Jenny Mary Kelly and Sarah. We were totally sweet and made shirts and everyone gave Keith dirty looks cause his said "Suck it dry" on the back. Its ok cause Keith loves the attention.

On Thursday I worked 9 to 9 and than went back to my house after. Well i get a call from Barndon asking me if I'd like to go to Chicago. So i said sure and they picked me up around 1 in the morning. It was silly, saw some buildings and two old guys acting like they were peeing at a urinal when it was totally obvious that they were sucking each other off. They were either gay or had some major urinary tract problems that involved standing at a urinal for a good 10 minutes and making sure that they had to stand right next to another man even though there were other open urinals. Yeah, than I got back around 12:30 or 1:00 on Friday.

I took a shower and was ready to lay down and take a nap since i really only got 2 0r 3 hours of sleep but right as i was about to doze off I get a call from Rob and Phil asking if I wanted to go get some Sonic. I, of course, decided to venture off to southern Ohio (practically Kentucky) for some great Burgers. We recruited Paul to be an accomplice and we left for Sonic around 5. After taking a detour in Detroit around the anger management tour folk we arrived in Franklin Ohio(in between Dayton and Cincinnati) around 10, Giving us a good hour of burger heaven. We left around 11 and got home at around 3 in the morning.

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Poop it and Loop it!   
04:44pm 06/09/2005
mood: indescribable
My car is working, that is cool. CEDAR POINT ON WEDNESDAY, ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO, BETTER... OR ELSE. So far its me Jenny and Derk for sure. but we will find more hooligans. i would like to know soon though cause we are planning on making group T shirts cause thats what cool people do.

Yeah, 311 is in like two weeks, then school starts and i get depressed, cause school sucks... donkey balls. I got some sweet tight jogging apparel and im gonna sex up wherever I go.

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Warped Sunburn   
04:40pm 01/09/2005
mood: burnt
Im at work. Im wearing an towel around my nexck because Im a redneck due to the Warped Tour yesterday. I saw some bands, drank some 3 dollar water, got chaffadge, and rocked out. katlyn came into work today and that was fun, haven't seen her in forever. Ok im gonna go stare at nick.... and soup... bye.

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02:51am 31/08/2005
mood: exanimate
Sarah has got hands of a goddess, im gonna go downstairs and try to get another head rub. Warped tour tommarrow. My car broke already, Ms. Kreger focked me. Ok peace.

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Frank sucks   
11:29pm 27/08/2005
mood: contemplative
I bought Mrs. Sobota's (Ms. Kregar) car today........ yup.

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